Montana Language Services
Montana Language Services

our Interpreters are

Personable, resilient, and culturally aware.

live Interpretation

Interpreters convert information from one spoken language into another or between spoken language and sign language. A professional interpreter is an invaluable resource in any face-to-face negotiation with foreign language speakers. Professional interpreters are not just bilingual speakers - they are trained to get your message across accurately, smoothly, & efficiently.

MTLS offers live on-site interpretation across Montana. Our experience interpreters are skilled at facilitating effective communication with foreign language speakers and deaf clients.

Services offered

  • On-site interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered, escort)

  • Over-the-phone interpretation

  • American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation, in person


Interpreting rates are hourly and depend on the language combination and travel costs. Details of the assignment such as date(s), hours, subject, location, and the general context are necessary for an estimate.

Languages offered:

english - spanish - french - portuguese - CHINESE - arabic - ITALIAN - german - RUSSIAN - sign language

Are you a linguist in Montana with professional experience in a language combination not listed above? Click here to learn about joining our team!