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Montana Language Services

Who is MTLS

Montana’s only local translation agency

More and more Montana companies are operating abroad every year, and we know that language and cultural barriers can be hindering to business activity. Montana Language Services can break down those barriers for you. Also, many foreign language speakers come to Montana to live, work, or vacation. Montana Language Services provides a bridge for those looking to connect, experience, or operate within our system.

Montana Language Services is based in Bozeman and has growing a list of foreign language professionals across Montana. We are the only company that connects you to local translators and interpreters. Whether you are submitting a bid abroad, are scheduled for an immigration interview, or targeting an international audience, we match you with a qualified and professional linguist that is specialized in your field and understands your specific needs.

Our translators and interpreters are specialized in the following industry-specific language use:

  • Law & Justice (public and private sector)

  • Labor and Immigration

  • Technical content (Engineering, Construction, Solar Energy, Scientific Research, Agriculture etc.)

  • Medical Translation and Interpretation

  • Business, Marketing, and Finance

  • Tourism, Outdoor Recreation, and Real Estate

We currently offer translation and interpretation services in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, German, and American Sign Language. Our translators and interpreters are highly skilled and experienced in their craft.

Montana Language Services offers free project consultations so that we may walk through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.

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Languages offered:

english - spanish - french - portuguese - CHINESE - arabic - ITALIAN - german - RUSSIAN - sign language

Are you a linguist in Montana with professional experience in a language combination not listed above? Click here to learn about joining our team!