Montana Language Services
Montana Language Services

Areas of Expertise

Our linguists are highly specialized…

…because specific subject matter vocabulary is vital

We draw on our industry-specific knowledge to convert even the most demanding and complex text effectively, according to its application and cultural context. 

Legal Translation and Interpretation Montana


Our translators competently convert your legal documents into the desired target language. Even when a text crosses two or more legal systems, Montana Language Services bridges the language barriers in order to translate your legal documents accurately.

For example, our linguists have extensive experience translating contracts and agreements, court transcripts, depositions, judicial proceedings and judgements, declarations and decrees, personal injury claims, articles of incorporation, deeds and leases, etc.

Live interpreters allow judicial officials and individuals with limited English proficiency to communicate in real time and at every step of their legal proceedings.

Immigration Translation and Interpretation Montana

LABOR & immigration

When you or your family is going through one of the many different immigration processes, either in the US or abroad, Montana Language Services can provide language support for you or your company at any step of the process.

We have extensive experience translating official documents for your complicated application process: birth certificates, academic transcripts, and immigration forms, etc. We also offer a translation certification for you official documents. Click here to see a sample certification.

Live interpreters are also qualified to interpret at official immigration interviews and trials.


engineering and technology

Our technical translators demonstrate technical and linguistic acumen in mechanical, electrical, environmental, aeronautical, and civil engineering. This will assure that all industry-specific terminology will be rendered precisely in your finished translation and your text will be understood completely.

For example, our linguists have experience translating operators’ & maintenance manuals, regulatory documentation, project bids, grant applications, technical manuals, specifications, and instructions.

Live interpreters allow technical companies and individuals with limited English proficiency to communicate in real time when planning or executing international projects.



In an industry that requires the highest level of accuracy, Montana Language Services assigns medical translations only to medically certified linguists.

For example, our linguists are trained to translate patient data and medical records, test results, insurance documents, research reports, toxicology reports, admission and consent forms, and clinical trials and protocols.

Live interpreters help healthcare professionals and individuals with limited English proficiency to communicate in real time and at every step of their medical process.


BUSINESS, FINANCE, marketing & advertising

When your projects and ideas go global, success begins with cultural competence. Translation of your marketing materials is only the first step - a more involved localization by a local native speaker of the target language is highly recommended.

For example, our linguists can assist you localize your website, brochures, market research, public relation documents, promotional and advertising media, and employee manuals.

For your internal business, our translators are prepared to convert your business plans, corporate reports, financial reports, training manuals, presentations, and tax documents.

Live interpreters can be present at your conferences and meetings, according to your business needs.


tourism & real estate

Do you see yourself on the river or on the slopes? Have you recently decided to purchase property in Montana or abroad? Or perhaps you run an outdoor recreation or tour company and would like to target a more international audience? Our linguists are qualified and would gladly provide linguistic support for you or your clients’ Montana experience.

For example, perhaps you need your real estate contracts, rental and lease agreements, realtor contracts, appraisal documents, mortgage agreements, and building codes converted into English or another language.

Live interpreters can accompany your professional guides on tours and connect your local expertise to an international audience. Our translators can also convert your brochures, sales leaflets, press releases, websites, press kit, and information bulletins (with high regard to local markets and cultures).